It is estimated that seventy percent of the failures expressed in arrears and in the lack of estimation of real costs associated with IT projects are due to the lack of incorporation of essential practices and standardization in Software processes. Not implementing the right actions, not making decisions at the right time, and not offering commitment. One of the biggest challenges project owners face today is to make these key practices the focus of all their activities.

If you are a project owner, the following tips will help you to improve the management and communication with your software development team so that your project can be established by identifying common goals and objectives.

Define the usefulness of your own function

As the owner of your project, it’s important to know your own role with the team that will be supporting you continuously to make your idea come true.

It is important to know how to listen and provide information regularly, give specific instructions and define roles, responsibilities and priorities clearly, it is vital to manage a team of developers and give clarity and good results to your project.

Become the point of union between developers and your project, so that there is synergy

We know that working with a team of developers to make your project idea and concepts a reality is not an easy task, however it is necessary to create an effective communication channel that allows you to link your project in the best way with the team that is supporting you with the development part.

For good communication it is necessary to continuously monitor your needs and the needs of the team, provide information required on a constant basis, keep in touch to clarify the activities that you urgently require and thus be able to obtain an optimal project development.

Stay open to receive improvement proposals for your project

Programmers not only work to write codes, they have a broad approach in their field that allows them to make proposals, provide recommendations and advise you on the development process of your project.

Developers can open up the landscape to something you most likely didn’t know existed or could be done. So remember that being open to hearing opinions, proposals and views is an indispensable tool for the continuous improvement of your project.

Define the real context of your project

Each person has a different context, and the only way to understand it is to talk.When you require an activity, function or requirement and communicate it, developers code it based on its context.As the context is often not the same, sometimes there are communication failures. That’s why it’s important to convey as much context as possible. And on the part of the receiver, do not assume. If in doubt, it is very important to ask and determine what will be done before completing the requirements.

Evaluate the times and activities that are urgent

The development of a project involves countless activities, tasks, processes, requirements and functionalities that are implemented over time.In order for there to be a good flow and development of time in an effective way, it is important that you know with certainty which functionalities are of the greatest importance for the functioning of your project. Likewise, it is important to define times with your development team so that you can define real goals and goals.

Once this part is defined, you can incorporate additional activities that can be implemented in the medium and long term.