A website is considered one of the most important means of reaching thousands of potential customers at a time, from anywhere in the world. For this reason, it is important to generate relevant, authentic and updated content that shows professionalism and customer security.

For this to happen it is important to maintain an optimized website, with constant maintenance, secure and up-to-date.

Most of the time, your website does not meet the optimal conditions nor does it maintain the quality and maintenance expected to increase its effectiveness.

That is why we introduce you a list of the 5 most common problems of a website and how to solve them. This will allow you to detect those where you need to focus your attention to develop a website that sells.

1.- Lack of an effective Call to Action (CTA)

Call to Action (CTA) is an image or text line that encourages visitors to a website to act and follow it up to convert from a simple visit site to a conversion.

The CTA aims to generate an immediate response in order to reach the goal that is marked. It is important that within your website you consider including at least 3 different kinds of CTA on website, to generate and effective first contact with your prospect client.

2.- Lack of Metric Analysis and Website Conversions

To know if a website is generating the results and objectives expected, it is necessary to identify the traffic of the website, the types of search and keywords that are entered by users and that lead to make the decision to click on their website as well as the conversions that this page generates.

To do this, you need to link your site to Google Analytics to identify these and more metrics. Google Analytics is the tool for analyzing and monitoring visits and users of websites and applications. This tool will allow you to identify the user’s behavior with your website as well as identify where they come from, the average time of stay and navigation on your website, the times they return, as well as demographic data and information (the countries, localities and even the cities through which they access your website).

Linking your site to Google Analytics and analyzing the data it yields will allow you to make smarter decisions about the direction your website should take.

3.- Bad website design on mobile devices (No responsive website)

It is important that the user experience is comfortable, easy and secure on a mobile device. Taking into account this information because 60% of Google searches are done through such devices and not by desktop.

This is why a bad design of the website on mobile devices generates a negative impact because if it is not possible to visualize well on a smartphone or tablet, the user can leave the website and not return anymore. Google could penalize the website and in addition, the costs for a company may be higher if a mobile web design is not used because different adaptations would have to be created for Android or iOS devices.

4.- No update your website (Error 404)

If you do not have a website in constant maintenance, it may generate a 404 error within the Home Page URL or when you enter a page or section of it. Errors 404 indicate that pages are no longer available and this directly affects the user experience.

If Google detects many such pages with 404 error, it can interpret that the content of the web is not updated and penalize its positioning. The best way to avoid them is to track our website periodically to detect them, using tools like Google Search Console. This way, you can tell search engines that content will no longer be available or redirect those pages.

5.- Complicated navigation for the user

In order to guarantee a website that sells it is necessary to delimit the process that the user must follow in order to carry out a specific action within our website. Having a bad web architecture is a common web design error. The information on your website should always be easily accessible. There is a maximum if we talk about web design and usability and that is that no user should have to make more than 3 clicks from the home page to reach a section.

Don’t waste more time solving your website mistakes…

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