Getting the right development team plays a vital role in the success of your project planning, building and launching part. Once we said this, are you really able to select the developers you really need without falling in the common pitfalls?

A Software Developer is involved in all the processes related to creating and designing new systems; from initial planning, to establishing parameters, designing, writing, coding, encrypting, and testing.

As part of the operational and executing area, software developers design, write, and test code for new systems and software to ensure efficiency of any kind of projects. Software Developers also run diagnostic programs and quality assurance (QA) testing on existing projects before launching them to certify effectiveness, that’s why it’s pretty important to focus on hiring a good development team to ensure an effective development of the platform/ web app/ mobile app or any kind of sotware you are looking for.

For this to happen, we will show you some specific points to take into account when looking for the right team for your project:

  1. Set your budget, scope and timeline project’s expectations
  2. Define your project’s requirements in a prioritized technical feature list
  3. Develop the nice-to-have and must-have skills required for the developer
  4. Learn where to look for software developers

Set your budget, scope and timeline project’s expectations

Remember that the time you spent defining what you want to order will only help you in the long run. The more prep work put in up-front, the more accurate the quote and expectations will be from the team you are hiring.

Budget, scope, and timeline are the three variables in every software project. From this, there are two primary types of projects that define the lifecycle of a product.

-Budget/Timeline Backwards: These projects have a max budget or hard delivery timeline and the project team works backwards to see what can actually be finished for the allotted time or budget. These projects tend to make sacrifices in features or quality in order to come in under budget or within a timeline.

-Feature Forward: These projects are focused on the scope and work forwards to determine a timeline and budget based on the scope and features desired. It’s acceptable to spend more to launch the desired scope, and the team is willing to pay more to receive more.

Select what is the type of project that best describes your expectations.

Define your project’s requirements in a prioritized technical feature list

The next step is to create a prioritized feature list. Write out the must-have features of your project, in the order of importance. And focus on details that pertain to the user.
Feature lists need to have enough detail to guide design and establish technical requirements. If your feature list is vague, it increases risk, as most features need to be ‘discovered’ during the design phase.
Make a bulleted list of every single feature you want in the software with as much detail listed as possible.

To help define your feature list, it is important to establish your software product strategy by answering the following questions:

-Why build the software?
-What is the purpose of the application?
-Who is going to use the software?
-Walk through a day in the life of one of the users—how does this software help?
-What industry is it competing in?
-What are some main competitors?
-What platforms and/or mediums are you building for?
-Is there a history to the software?

Annotated Designs with Technical Requirements
After the feature list is determined, you will need to determine the software design needs to travel from low to high fidelity:
Low-fidelity designs are frequently called wireframes and outline the key functionality on each screen.

High-fidelity designs—called ‘comps’—are the final designs that are passed to the development team. These can be created by a Visual Designer.

Information Architecture
IA is usually referred to as the backbone of any site or application. It can be extremely helpful and often necessary to create. IA is more frequently required in web applications than mobile applications.
It outlines very specifically how the application may flow or what information may be on each page.

Develop the nice-to-have and must-have skills required for the developer

Take into account the following point when developing the skills required for the development of your project:

Technical Ability: The developer has to understand your projects requirements and put into place appropriate solutions. The developer should explain which parts of their examples are related to the challenges you face.
(Knowledge of cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, masters of big data, versatile in coding languages)

Work Experience: How much experience the developer has when it comes to software development. Compare this thing with other developers and see which one best matches your requirement.

Soft skills (Communication skills, Problem solving, Teamwork/collaboration, Research, Creativity) Being excellent at writing code is not enough.

Remember that software developers must have a healthy balance of hard and soft skills. Not only are software developers in charge of outlining and creating the code and design for a program, but these types of careers generally involve a lot of collaboration between various stakeholders, so it is important to consider this kind of skills when looking for software development.

Learn where to look for software developers

There are so many options and platforms to dive into software development, but you have to take into account the different advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Remember that hiring software teams is a very important process for your project.

Here are some options:
-Freelance platforms (Toptal, Freelancer, etc.)
-Professional agency
-Online communities of software developer (Quora, Stack Overflow, etc)
-Industry blogs
-Platforms for hiring professional agencies (Clutch, Good Firms)

Websites like Upwork or Freelancer are quite popular workplaces, where multiple software development teams offer their services. These services vary from web development and mobile app development. These platforms are effective but have some common disadvatages like:

Security and Law Enforcement
Loss of Productivity
No Long-term Relationship
Possible Disappearing Freelancers
Lack of Team Spirit/Experience
Less Control

Be aware of this points when looking for software development and you will be able to select a team for your project in a more profitable way.