It is important that when developing the design of your e-commerce, you take care of important details that we will describe below. This following points will allow you improve your brand, the corporate image and the handling of trademarks.

Remember that the design must always be in line with what the site offer.

1.– Commercial website’s content

You must define the content of what will be described on every section of your Commercial Website on the Internet and the product description platform. The first one says what information will offer the visitor to achieve a good place in the consummer mind and what should be offered to achieve the objectives they had previously set for business on the Internet.

Among the elements to be considered when developing a website are: Sections, Products, Assigned phrases or words, Topics dealt with, Typography, Graphics, Sounds, Videos, Colors, Technology, among others.

2.- Identification of the Business

It is important that the visitor knows a little about the personality of the business, so the website should provide information on various topics.

3.- The Products

More significant is that the visitor and potential client know the products offered by the site Commercial Web, and equally important is that you can easily locate them when you want them acquire.

4.- Catalogue of products

Recommendations, suggestions, best selling or offers: Many commercial websites have started to place on the first Web page that is presented to the visitor, those products who have sold the most in recent weeks, or who intend to sell or offer with prices significantly lower than the common list prices , even those that are novelty in the site.

Try to keep these on the page until they are overtaken by others.

5.Information to the Customer

The Commercial Web site must provide information to the customers at the time they need it. You can introduce many elements like a shared inbox that integrates to your website, in order to improve your customer service.

6.- Previous purchases

Many internet users through your site want to know that they have purchased on the site or which products they have not been able to purchase during their visit.

It is important to integrate a “wish list” or “rebuying list” on your eccomerce. This can help your customers to facilitate their future purchase.

7.- Database updated

Usually when a visitor has already made purchases, the commercial website has to have some information from him, from the products they have bought, your payment method, tax address, etc.

7.- Tracking of orders:

On countless occasions, the customer has a strange need to stay informed about the condition of your distribution, that’s why it is important to provide them with online order tracking service.

8.- Forms of Customer Contact with the Company

It is useful both for the business and for visitors that the latter have the greatest number of ways or means to communicate with the website administrator or with the corresponding


Many websites have chosen to present the possibility for the visitor to determine the language of the content in the Web pages that integrate it. The strategy is called Web Design-Multi-language and its purpose is to facilitate the visitor’s stay on the site.

10.- Homepage presentation

The Homepage is the most important page for every online shop. We can compare it to a prime-time television slot or the storefront of your business. This page is very functional for visitors because it can seduce them and convince them to become customers or continue down the funnel of discovering more about your business.

Types of Home page

There are several types of homepage:

• Home page presentation type: this type of Web sites whose home page is only and at no time provides further information to the visitor, except the necessary to present to the company an idea of the activity itself.

• Home page direct type: this type, to the visitor enters directly in matter since download the homepage with the necessary information, which prevents you from wasting time on a presentation that could not serve you

• Home page type search engine: there is no need to define this type with so many words, as it is about the one that presents a kind of data search machine.

Don’t forget to take into account these points when you develop your e-commerce site. These elements are reminders of how a good platform should work.