The SEO techniques are used to optimize the website and thus have greater visibility and a higher position within the Google search engine.

To be able to identify which are the most important SEO strategies for Google Search web positioning, it is necessary to know how google indexing works.

By filtering the results through an Advanced Research, google positions the top 3 positions and in the section on the right can also position the CPP search results (cost per click) of the Google Adwords program.

How does Web Indexing work:

1. Google’s “spider” visits the Web page

2. This google system reads the content of the web

3. The information is taken to a central server where the information on the website is processed and stored

4. Google creates an index with the keywords used on the website and sorts them by relevance

5. The system tries to identify the quality of the website ( taking into account the factors it uses in its search algorithm)

6. When a user performs a search that contains keywords related to the web page, google queries its sorting algorithm to display the results page that it considers most important.

Now that you know how Google’s Web Indexing and Positioning system works, you can implement the following recommendations in order to achieve a better result in your positioning strategy:

• Identify what type of content you will be generating and what type of search the content is intended for.

There are 3 types of search the user does on Google:

1.- DOING (transactional searches)

2.- KNOWLEDGE (information and research searches)

3.- IR (navigation searches)

If you are able to identify what kind of search is directly linked to the content offered by your website, you can have a more objective audience. This will generate more conversions and increase your positioning in Google Search as it will answer the questions or needs posed by the users to whom you are addressed.

Generate relevant content

When a user enters a search query, the search engine’s number one goal is to return high-quality, relevant results that offer the best to the user.

In order to have a better positioning it is necessary that your content resolves the doubts and/or needs that the user has. By worrying that your website has enough educational content and informing your prospective customers so they become smarter in your industry, you will be distinguishing yourself from the competition.

• Include backlinks

Baclinks are the links that a web page receives from other web pages. The number of backlinks is the number of pages that link to the web through a link.

If you include links you can not only increase traffic on your website. If not you will also increase your “popularity link”, factor that is taken into account by the algorithm of google to position your site in a higher place.